About Urbana

Who are we?

Urbana is a Chilean real estate company in Latin America and it has provided for 22 years the highest standard of quality and services to our investors, clients and partners.

The portfolio of projects (in development, finished, acquired or managed by a third party) consists of 154 properties which include offices, residential and commercial centers. Currently, we are in charge of real estate assets of around 2.7 billions of dollars.

Managed in real estate assets

We have a team of experts (Property and Asset Management), which has a superior standard of operation and low cost in the market. We also have a pioneering range of real estate investment structure for clients and partners.

We have the expertise and the access to the institutional capital and we are therefore able to take charge of challenging investments, developments and projects of real state administration and we are therefore always looking toward the future.

History of Urbana

Mission and Principles

“We want to be the best investor and the best institutional developer and operator in Latin America”.

  • The standard of Urbana represents the real estate benchmark in Latin America, regarding quality of service, integrity and value for clients and investor partners.
  • All its products and services are of the highest quality and they meet their objectives.
  • The collaborators and associates are the best example of its standards and are the most valuable assets of the company.
  • Urbana is constantly working to be the leader within the industry regarding sustainability as well as the main real state company of the region.


Diego Durruty

Executive Vice-President

Diego Durruty founded the main companies of Urbana group: PIX Partners in 1996, Urbana Property Management in 2003, and Urbana Asset Management in 2009. Since then, he has developed a valuable career in investment, development and administration of institutional real estate assets.

Together with his brothers, he is part of the executive board of the company, participating in new businesses and developing projects and creating relationships with investors. He also contributed to the architecture due to his great experience in this regard (studies that he had done in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile).

Andrés Durruty

Asset Management Manager

Andrés Durruty is a Commercial Engineer with an MBA. He has 20 years of continuous experience in the real estate field. He has great experience in the administration of real estate property and evaluation for the purchase of assets regarding retail and offices. He has a vast experience in completely handling Urbana Company in areas such as finance and administration.

Currently, he works as General Manager of Urbana Asset Management, working in the administration of the income and real estate management.

Rodrigo Durruty

Corporate General Manager

Rodrigo Durruty is an Industrial Civil Engineer with vast experience in companies in several fields as well as he is an entrepreneur.

Rodrigo has worked in top positions and he has also founded companies as Precisión Hispana, Distribuidora Montano y Austral Natura.

Currently, he is in charge of the corporate management of companies of Urbana Group. He is in charge of the administration of buildings, by supporting the administrator’s team in their functions.

Main Clients

Prudential Real Estate Investors is the unit of the administration of real estate investment of Prudential Financial, Inc. The task of PREI’s is based on the execution of real estate strategies focusing in markets throughout the world which have a wide amount of institutional clients.

Since 1970 PREI has been investing in the real estate business for institutional investors having assets managed for USD $53.0 billion.

BTG Pactual

BTG Pactual Company (ex Celfín), is the biggest investment bank in Brazil. They, together, constitute the biggest investment bank in Latin America, taking in consideration its coverage and administered assets. They are recognized by its vision, creativity in its business and finance innovation around the world.

DWS is one of the largest European fund managers. DWS was founded in 1956 and is an integral part of the assets division of Deutsche Bank. DWS stands out for its performance, quality, innovation, and experience.

ban chile

Being a branch of Banco de Chile, means security, solidity and support. This is the most prestigious private bank in Chile, having an impeccable trajectory. Banchile Inversiones has administered assets of people and companies for more than two decades, having as a main objective the achievement of the finance goals of its clients.

Equity International is a company of real estate institutional investment management that aims to help the rapid growth of world-class companies. This company does not only invest in capital but it uses its experience in operations and capacity in order to create value for a company. This company is recognized as one of the main international operators and investors. It was founded by Sam Zell in 1999.

It has a branch that works exclusively in real estate (Equity Residential) and another that works in offices (Equity Office), these being acquired several years ago by Blackstone group.

Kimco Realty is a real estate investment company. Which is the owner and operator of the majority of commercial centers in the United States. The company has held shares in New York since 1991, rating S&P 500 and having more than 50 years of experience.

BVK is the largest pension fund in Switzerland with more than 121.000 insured.

BVK has a large portfolio of direct and leased properties of around 5.000 apartments and 345.000 sqm of offices and commercial premises worldwide.


From the beginning, we have been committed with the future, having a deep will to do things better