Real Estate Services

Investment, operation and development of assets

Management of Assets and Properties

We offer services of:

  • Management of property of a third party
  • Management of acquisitions
  • Marketing and leasing
  • Relationship with inquilins
  • Analysis of integral assets
  • Development

We handle


million sqm




Property Management

Urbana has administered properties for 22 years, establishing excellence as a priority. Taking into consideration the assets management from the owner perspective, Urbana provide an unique service which has a minimal real estate investment risk.

Acquisitions and Merges

Urbana has bought and sold more than US$ 850 million of assets of high quality since 1996.

The knowledge acquired from these operations and taking into account our great international clients, allow us to assess and create a structure to reach our investors clients’ objectives.

Our platform of partners within the region give us a stable network of local professionals who use their expertise to administer investment and value to the property.

The efficiency, superior service and operational excellence are aspects that will totally increase the type of incomes, making the property and market value more stable.

Services of Purchase and Sale

– Property Evaluation
– Market Analysis
– Strategic Plan of Operation
– Risk Analysis

– Budget
– Cash Flow
– Financing
– Closure


Our experience acquiring, managing and handling assets allows us to understand this business from the inside to the outside. We have the financial and operational solidity to develop important projects as Urbana Center Apoquindo.

Urbana seeks to develop real estate projects in order to bring a lasting value to the investors and communities, establishing successful standards in different markets.

Holding competitive international contests of architecture, we seek to create sophisticated structures, assuring that our projects will be handled for the best professionals.

Business Areas

Mixed Use




Mixed use

We know this concept very well. We have administered Isidora 3.000 for nine years. In this 4.5 starts- building operate 29 floors, the W Hotel being the most important. Also, there are 9 floors of offices with 40 companies and 46 private residential.

With an exceptional location of 12.249 sqm of offices and 8.323 smq of commerce, Isidora 3.000 has taught us the great challenges and benefits that a world-class mix complex bring to the society.

In our Urbana Center Apoquindo Project, we will seek to apply all our previous experience, making a vertical integration from the design and development to the administration of this mega-project.


We have administered and operated office’s assets for more than two decades keeping the quality and a valuable commitment lasting over time.

The department of offices of Urbana manages integrally the real estate assets in the Premium building-offices in Santiago.

Our clients and investor partners are important financial institutions and private investors. We carry out their investment strategies, providing an expert knowledge in the building administration.

+ than 98.000 sqm

of Class A offices in leasing with a value of US $270 MM

+ than 250.000 sqm

of buildings of offices in condominium, with operations for US $450.00 MM

16 years

of experience on sales and purchase of offices assets

+ than 50

operations with a value of US $850 MM



Success in leasing combining a superior service and control of operational expenses.

Emergency handling

Urbana has the knowledge and established procedures to respond to different emergencies, thus avoiding having financial impact for owners and tenants.

High rate of occupancy

Executives of Urbana work together with brokers to reach the objective.

Attractive insurance rates

Our historic records of low incidents allow that the properties administered by Urbana can have attractive insurance rates.


We are an integral management company of residential assets. We understand how the market works and the needs of the consumers. We promote wealthy communities and we work seeking to improve the lives of the neighbors and to contribute with a lasting value to the investor partners, renters and owners of the housings.


Managed more than 850.000 sqm

More than 850.000 sqm of building in condominiums have been managed for the amount of US$ 1.7 Billion

16.000 common expenses

Urbana monthly provides 16.000 common expenses approximately.


We produce annually more than 300 balances.

Over 500 concierges

Administer and train over 500 concierges.

Urbana Residential. Sara del Campo Building

We are pioneers in the Multifamily operation in Chile, being an emblematic case the Sara del Campo building, located in the middle of the downtown of Santiago.

This building was designed to cover all the necessities of its inhabitants. It has services as free WIFI connection in convenient locations, maid service, cafeteria, library and laundry. The building promotes life in community with dynamic spaces such as a gourmet room, recreation rooms, gymnasium, swimming pool, barbecue areas and a joggers’ circuit on the roof terrace.


We have participated in important planning of business in retail investment. Here we have managed significant operations for international groups as Equity International and Kimco Realty.

We have the knowledge to evaluate a property and maximize its value, decreasing its investment risk.

One of our emblematic cases is Parque Arauco. Here, Urbana handled the purchase of this important commercial center by Equity International.