From the beginning, we have been committed with the future, having a deep will to do things better.


We know that the development and execution of our assets have an impact in the environment.

We are constantly evaluating and incorporating new technologies in order to mitigate our emissions to the environment as well as decreasing our carbon monoxide releases, thus, taking care of the limited resources such as water and energy.


Our project Urbana Center Apoquindo will have a voluntary certification LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design elaborated by U.S. Green Building Council o USGBC).

Our Initiatives

Waste Recycling

We have implemented strategies in our buildings to separate the different types of waste: paper and carton (blue), plastics (yellow), glass (green), organic waste (gray), hazardous materials and other not recyclable materials (red).

LEED energy
in all buildings

It is our environmental priority to implement in every building a system of low energy lighting.

All common areas of our buildings are being slowly replaced by LED bulbs, resulting in an important energy saving.

In Isidora 3000, in addition to this initiative, a modern timing control device is being evaluated. This device will be placed in different areas and will allow better use of the electricity of the building.

Water recycling of gray water for irrigational farming

We know that the energy is not the only resource to be taken care of to assure sustainable development. Drinking water is becoming a limited resource more than ever before. Therefore, it must be protected.

We are gradually implementing the infrastructure to treat gray water. In other words, water that comes from showers, bathrooms and dishwashers. These waters are being converted into hygienic clean drinking water free of chemicals.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy as well as being endlessly sustainable over time.

Our project Urbana Center Apoquindo will have a system of solar panels. These panels will allow the capture of solar rays to be utilized as power for the building

Bike Stations

Our buildings have bike stations designed for people who use the bicycle as a mean of transportation and need a secure place to park them. Isidora 3.000 has a bike park station located on the first floor which can accommodate eighty bicycles.


People are our most important asset. Our commitment is to our employees, suppliers, communities and clients.







Fundación Urbana

Fundación Urbana was born as an initiative of Diego Durruty while he was president of the ex-students Club (Colegio Craighouse, Cobs&Cogs) in order to help victims affected by natural disasters and also help young boys and girls through sport activities.